More NS4600 changes

The system was reporting FS errors because of the fact I never had any drives initially plugged in to the system, I’m now running version 02.01.4000.16 of the Patriot Javelin S4 firmware on my NS4600 NAS fully. I have set it up with a 4x1TB RAID-5 and have just transferred all my data to it, SMB works, AFP works, I haven’t had a single issue (although I’m still yet to try printer sharing).

I did however initially have an issue where with the Patriot firmware, SMB wouldn’t start up at all (because I tried to flash Patriot to the internal NAND) and I had to flash the internal NAND with the official NS4600 firmware, and then still boot from the USB with Patriot. But this is out of the scope of this blog post so I won’t touch on it today.

I had one problem last to solve, root access. There was a root plugin released for later firmwares (the .v2 BETA I’m running was the only version I was able to get hold of) that allowed you to get root access over Telnet, but refused to install on to my firmware due to it being “built” for a new FW. In order to get round this, I used my knowledge of the encryption keys used to disassemble the firmwares and pull apart the plugin in order to change its config files to match a lower firmware. For those interested, here it is:

Note this plugin will only run on the Patriot .V2 BETA firmware, and not any others, not even the NS4600 so don’t try it. If you need NS4600 plugins for root access, let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Now it would seem I have finished customizing my NAS and done all I need to do… All that’s missing is a VPN plugin, and figuring out how to access the NAS from over the internet!

Anyway, hope this helps any of you with issues with your NAS, peace out!

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